Tuesday, July 7, 2009



Not just an other day,
in the bright month of summer.
Lesson to learn,
through scraps, and pieces, and glimmer.

May sound unusual,
but is quite simple & true.
I learnt simple things,
which I usually didn’t knew.

I just learnt it,
without any need to read it or write.
Learnt it when I was blind,
which I missed out, when I had sight.

Losing is the only way,
so that once you can find.
Being able to see and then foresee,
only once when you are blind.

- Savla Viral L.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I walk away....

I walk away….

An unpleasant morning had begun,
the dreams started to fade,
I had to walk away….

I assumed wrong colours in the dark, at night,
but now received the light of sun on face,
I chose to walk away….

Playing a perfect Fool, counting dreams to be Real,
Real, Heart-pumping, fresh in breath.
I relied on this, asking to heal,
but it proved to be another wound to death.

My idiocy is now my realization,
for which there exists a grave,
I walk away….

Had I been proverbial earlier, to this truth,
I wouldn’t dare to stand and wait,
I would readily walk away….

I have to leap to change so as to survive,
while there are no acquisitions I would frame.
In search, where I can bank my trust,
because nothing now continues to be the same.

While the colours in my life still exists,
but has instigated to rot and stink.
While everything around has capsized,
I am left here all numb, just within a blink.

Savla Viral L.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Untrue Equations

Untrue Equations

Words are few that visit me now,
while thoughts are many, unable to count.
All it was at the day’s end,
a pile of emotions I had to mount.

Unknown of myself or the world around,
the situations had turned me numb.
But I wouldn’t prefer to surrender,
neither would I agree to succumb.

Its when people fall prey
to the illusions of obscure intentions.
I wait to face the truth,
now hidden in the Untrue Equations.

Savla Viral L.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Captured moments, with emotions captivated within...

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