Friday, November 28, 2008

The Lunar Epic

The characters, organisms and events in this verse are a work of fiction.But, any similarity or any sort of resemblance to any existing persons, organisms could not be entirely unintended and coincidental...

The Lunar Epic

The Epic set first in ages,
when time was yet to feature.
Earth amongst the only bystanders.
Else, no other creature.

The anecdote is anticipated to be
more than about billions of years old.
Though, the scenario repeats every fortnight,
it has never been actually told.

First to appear, was sun, father so grand,
with a brood of daughters, of almost nine.
His face; so bright and dazzling with pride,
and always offered a smile in its shine.

All alone, yet so valorous and unwavering,
that it inspired life on Earth.
With the first petals which bloomed,
blossomed a few more motives of mirth.

The brightest entity in the dark vicinity,
guided fellows with light, like a pope.
So that others never lost, instead gained more,
what we say as, “rays of hope”.

But the solar spirit, couldn’t sustain
its shine, soon after the sundown.
Moon then facilitated the Sun.
Borrowing light from him, furnishing own.

With million of stars there in the sky,
it was still dark at night.
but not after there intervened
divine moonlight.

The daughter of Earth,
young in millions than the sun.
However unslept since ages,
for the task to be done.

For its light, unlike the sun’s,
which was itself for shade.
It rather inspired many a admirers,
devotees, poets’ pen-blade.

The Solar toil, then unappreciated,
by the flowing sweat drops by noon.
The abhorrent sun rose in detestation
against the adolescent moon.

All had seen the power of sunlight,
now it was its power in shadow.
That it castes onto the gorgeous moon.
So that it resembled a widow.

It all started with parts of moon
fading away, black, off the sphere.
And prolonged for a fortnight,
until it entirely disappeared.

The Sun, but also lend
the moon some light.
So that he could rest,
and moon could toil for him at night.

And the events continues since the history,
repeating the sequence.
The Apollo trying to dominate,
While the moon, answering through silence.

A similar tale in present times,
is when you feed both, a dog and a man.
The first one never swindles.
But the other perhaps one can.


Savla Viral L.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I would have been Happier..

I would have been happier

I would have been happier
if unable to understand,
What someone kept thinking
under infamous foeish brand.

I would have been happier
if someone could feel my tone.
When I never said or
when those words left me alone.

I would have been happier
if someone wouldn’t hesitate,
To let me read the pages of smiles
and sighs inscribed in his book of fate.

But, I should have been happier
even if this doesn’t turn true.
When white is a plain colour,
made out of a seven hue.

Savla Viral L.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



I knew myself as a person,
always better than the other.
For my words: I expected respect;
For others’, I never offered a bother.

Being a poet with my pen
fueled by wiser thoughts.
I learnt to cast: myself as an Orchid;
others as the yields of droughts.

‘The One’, bestowed to the civilizations,
with a mission of urgency.
‘The One’, who has to change the world.
Regarding self as ‘The One’ better of supremacy.

Then there were persons to be met,
there were some words to be read.
The words which made me realize
and reconsider what I previously said.

Realizing that I was better.
Better to a person who was ‘Good’.
I was ‘The One’ who was better,
Not the Best, I later understood.

‘The One’, with a mission in hand.
To be accomplished with integrity
‘The One’, who has to bring changes to self,
before blaming the fraternity.

Savla Viral L.

Friday, October 31, 2008



Marching to get there,
steps aren’t to be count.
Broke my pace and I halt
for there was a little mount.

An old tree, stood and waited,
to mend mislead minds like mine
“Climb onto me and have
a view, better and fine.”

“So go, conquer the hills
climb and get right at the tops.
look how far you have to go,
refuel your hopes.”

I needn’t fear the barriers,
realizing it after it had gone.
before the conquer, it was an Obstacle,
now it is another milestone.

There shouldn’t be failures
take it just as an Obstacle in your way,
get over it, and
you will for sure succeed someday.

Savla Viral L.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poetry in Paints..

The Two Sides of Everything

Searching for the Sun(with a candle)

Saturday, October 25, 2008



Walking alone by the way,
all in a bulk of crowd.
I shout with a squeak
to be heard aloud.

Then suddenly, I realize,
the time has not yet come.
When not in the crowd,
but, I would be amongst the some.

Far away, I can see a mountain of success
and the long rocky way to go.
Other side, an island of success,
and a mischievous sea to row.

I am not supposed to sit,
enjoy and just admire the view.
Instead, march forth, work hard,
strike glory and be amidst the successful few.
Savla Viral L.

Saturday, October 18, 2008



I hope, I am not the wrong one,
because I doubt if I am correct.
I hope, I expect better,
because things aren’t as I would expect.

I hope, I am not drunk,
because I don’t sound Sober anymore.
I hope, I do possess some wealth,
because I just feel like a popper, at core.

I hope, I am blind,
did not wish to see this occur.
And now I hope, I am dumb,
so there’s nothing that I remember.

I hope, I am happier,
but my lips do not picture a smile.
I hope, I am not crying into tears,
I hope, I am not that fragile.

I hope, It is not one more time,
I hope I have not changed again.
I hope, I am not started again.
Because, I know I am hard to stop then.

These hopes are so beautiful, like glass artifact.
What if I crush them hard, intend to cheat.
I will probably break them, cruelly.
But then, I hope they don’t pierce, hurt my feet.

Savla Viral L.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Other Side of It

The Other Side of it

At the arctics or at a desert,
As you would try value the sun.
You will definitely end up being wrong,
For adjudging it, the same one.

Won’t you love to take a dip in a stream,
So as to ignore the rising mercury.
Won’t you love to stay away from it,
From the flood’s fatal fury.

Friends, family love and life,
Is all fake and namesake.
But we all want to be a part of it,
So that less we give, more we take.

While being pictured,
you would prefer to ignore but don’t actually realize.
The frame will be hung on wall, someday,
To count your “beloved” demise.

The world is always ready to be,
the way it may never appear.
It might possibly generate a rainbow,
By passing light through a drop of tear.

The jigsaw of this,
that you just couldn’t complete.
Until your senses realize, that there exists,
The Other Side of it.

Savla Viral L.



No sooner did my eyes dash
onto the frame on that wall,
than I just felt like to smirk
over his stature, so small.

The picture so coloured
So as to resemble of his portrait
which is the ugliest as I remember
of all, till the date.

I can’t stop laughing at his face,
so ugly, pale and faint.
And can’t stop praising
The Artist’s difficult job of paint.

He appears haunting
In his horrible hair.
Intolerable to an extent,
that I could had tore mine in despair.

Oh he just looks a kid,
though a fully grown.
His eyes so forgetful for self,
that he can’t even mimic for own.

For all of my words spoken hitherto,
I realize a few defects.
It never was a portrait in paints.
But a mirror, which reflects.

Perplexity shouldn’t be blamed
for the mirror that day was cleaner.
I don’t dare to speak more.
But the reader in a word was “meaner”.

Savla Viral L.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Elements of Love

Elements of Love

What is love, in a true sense?
I wished to learn, if someone could teach.
And later I discovered the answers,
as I walk barefoot, along the beach.

Love is Sand. Down to Earth,
and with facets in infinity.
Love is Water. Picture of Peace,
which also suggests of Purity.

Love is Fire. Just a spark of it
and sheds away all the ignorance.
Love is Air. Though never visible,
but always sure for its fresh presence.

Love is Sky. So Wide and Vast.
Though nothing ever it had claimed.
Five Elements of the Universe, are the Elements of Love.
This is how I was explained.

One query which now stands unanswered,
“Why is love symbolized by a Dove?”
And not by a Human Figure,
though humans are made out those Elements of Love!
Savla Viral L.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Departed.

The Departed.

Every moment I breath in gas,
I have to sniff it with intensive care.
I have to calculate it, every little part.
So that I do not pump in, wronger air.

Every little step, the way my feet move,
has to be done with shadowing.
And it goes so, for my other matters.
Continues with my other things.

I thought, its me at play.
But, not sure if it is a game, or a trade.
Eventually, its me caged and enraged,
Into the thoughts, so much self-made.

I was never happy to do this,
to stand aside the foe, and clap.
Better, I would shoot myself,
or at least on my face, Slap!

People saw me smiling with them.
But it was a Smirk, hid by the Mask.
Relations of fraudulent intentions,
which no longer lasted, after the task.

I do not wish to live, by these pills.
And just an Identity of mine to seek.
I better be, The Departed. For now.
and arrive, later. Stronger than the weak.

Savla Viral L.

Monday, October 6, 2008



Today I met many faces,
and there’s one which I recognize.
The eyes contained a question,
While I pretend, as unrealized.

The question, which I opted
Not to reply,
But the eyes made another attempts,
With freshness in every single try.

I could sight the whole world
Reflected into those eyes,
Colours and blossoms on the earth and
Shine of stars and moon from the skies.

My mind turned into a maze,
Against my beliefs, of it being fortified.
I already began to falter, against the quest
that the facing eyes had tried.

Feeling captivated, I left the place,
hoping I successfully left everything behind.
But when I tried to see, myself,
I realized that, I was blind.
Savla Viral l.

My letter to YOU

My letter to you

Rather confused about it.
To call it ‘Truth’ or ‘Misery’.
The life of a poet.
Till when to be a mystery ?

Coloured glasses of desires and cravings
Which were vulnerable to be shattered.
I bleed it out of happiness.
They were all broken and scattered.

I shouldn’t had been addicted,
to dreaming under the day.
It ended up into silent voices,
which I always expected something to say.

I also tried to count agonies into ecstasies.
But couldn’t continue for long.
All the calculations had misfired.
The maths I practice was all wrong.

But now I feel a bit merrier.
As if returned to life from dead.
Because these words now belong nit just to me.
And I am thanking you; that they are at least read.

Savla Viral L.



Aside an erection site,
in the heaps of sand.
About a three feet-boy,
toiling with his little hands.

carrying stones over his head,
moving the big bricks.
He was made to dance
over fate’s unfaithful tricks.

for a future with bread,
he is slogging in present.
He hadn’t a playful past and is not
allowed to live being innocent.

Within him had grown
a man, angry and wild,
and I foolishly had
Mistaken him for a child.

Savla Viral L.