Friday, November 28, 2008

The Lunar Epic

The characters, organisms and events in this verse are a work of fiction.But, any similarity or any sort of resemblance to any existing persons, organisms could not be entirely unintended and coincidental...

The Lunar Epic

The Epic set first in ages,
when time was yet to feature.
Earth amongst the only bystanders.
Else, no other creature.

The anecdote is anticipated to be
more than about billions of years old.
Though, the scenario repeats every fortnight,
it has never been actually told.

First to appear, was sun, father so grand,
with a brood of daughters, of almost nine.
His face; so bright and dazzling with pride,
and always offered a smile in its shine.

All alone, yet so valorous and unwavering,
that it inspired life on Earth.
With the first petals which bloomed,
blossomed a few more motives of mirth.

The brightest entity in the dark vicinity,
guided fellows with light, like a pope.
So that others never lost, instead gained more,
what we say as, “rays of hope”.

But the solar spirit, couldn’t sustain
its shine, soon after the sundown.
Moon then facilitated the Sun.
Borrowing light from him, furnishing own.

With million of stars there in the sky,
it was still dark at night.
but not after there intervened
divine moonlight.

The daughter of Earth,
young in millions than the sun.
However unslept since ages,
for the task to be done.

For its light, unlike the sun’s,
which was itself for shade.
It rather inspired many a admirers,
devotees, poets’ pen-blade.

The Solar toil, then unappreciated,
by the flowing sweat drops by noon.
The abhorrent sun rose in detestation
against the adolescent moon.

All had seen the power of sunlight,
now it was its power in shadow.
That it castes onto the gorgeous moon.
So that it resembled a widow.

It all started with parts of moon
fading away, black, off the sphere.
And prolonged for a fortnight,
until it entirely disappeared.

The Sun, but also lend
the moon some light.
So that he could rest,
and moon could toil for him at night.

And the events continues since the history,
repeating the sequence.
The Apollo trying to dominate,
While the moon, answering through silence.

A similar tale in present times,
is when you feed both, a dog and a man.
The first one never swindles.
But the other perhaps one can.


Savla Viral L.


haritha said...

hey..i very profoundly read d poem..n den wen i really understood the well written n actually thought first...a really different n thought provoking poem..i really liked it..
well have u a strong proffesional or systematical way of writing a poem..
truely valuable poem

haritha said...

dear u hav been tagged 4 lemonade award...check my blog for further info n any questions ask me