Monday, October 6, 2008



Today I met many faces,
and there’s one which I recognize.
The eyes contained a question,
While I pretend, as unrealized.

The question, which I opted
Not to reply,
But the eyes made another attempts,
With freshness in every single try.

I could sight the whole world
Reflected into those eyes,
Colours and blossoms on the earth and
Shine of stars and moon from the skies.

My mind turned into a maze,
Against my beliefs, of it being fortified.
I already began to falter, against the quest
that the facing eyes had tried.

Feeling captivated, I left the place,
hoping I successfully left everything behind.
But when I tried to see, myself,
I realized that, I was blind.
Savla Viral l.


haritha said...

the only poem i liked it from HEART...KEEP WRITIN
AS IAM.....!!!

Viral Savla said...

thnx Hari, 4 ur valuable thoughts.

i'll try writin more...
but im not sure wat makes u like dis poem alone, and not other ones....???

wel, i do not disrespect ur choice...but i hope for deeper comments over the same...

Pratz said...

lovely poem

Shivam said...

maybe she liked the poem because she related to it more than the others..... because this is everyones' story Viral... most of us see to ignore...most times v hav no other choice... n v dont even realize that all this is blinding us internally
and you see... hw people like real things... while most poets strive to achieve abstractism as they think it is more attractive... lets just call it white sophistication!!!

haritha said...

shivam is true

viru u know i do lyk poems writtem in an emotional lane...n so did i like blind..
n is the truth faced by many and it is heart touching..!!!!