Saturday, October 11, 2008

Elements of Love

Elements of Love

What is love, in a true sense?
I wished to learn, if someone could teach.
And later I discovered the answers,
as I walk barefoot, along the beach.

Love is Sand. Down to Earth,
and with facets in infinity.
Love is Water. Picture of Peace,
which also suggests of Purity.

Love is Fire. Just a spark of it
and sheds away all the ignorance.
Love is Air. Though never visible,
but always sure for its fresh presence.

Love is Sky. So Wide and Vast.
Though nothing ever it had claimed.
Five Elements of the Universe, are the Elements of Love.
This is how I was explained.

One query which now stands unanswered,
“Why is love symbolized by a Dove?”
And not by a Human Figure,
though humans are made out those Elements of Love!
Savla Viral L.


Pratz said...

beautiful...especially the last verse

Shivam said...

LOVE IS WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE... and i am sure ur love will be beautiful...
This was amazing man!

Viral Savla said...

thnx, frnds 4 ur comments....

Pratz said...

since u have been such a kind reader of my blog...thought it might interest ya to visit my other blog

do read "The Writer"... its my favorite crap ... [:)]

looking fwd to more posts from ur end