Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Departed.

The Departed.

Every moment I breath in gas,
I have to sniff it with intensive care.
I have to calculate it, every little part.
So that I do not pump in, wronger air.

Every little step, the way my feet move,
has to be done with shadowing.
And it goes so, for my other matters.
Continues with my other things.

I thought, its me at play.
But, not sure if it is a game, or a trade.
Eventually, its me caged and enraged,
Into the thoughts, so much self-made.

I was never happy to do this,
to stand aside the foe, and clap.
Better, I would shoot myself,
or at least on my face, Slap!

People saw me smiling with them.
But it was a Smirk, hid by the Mask.
Relations of fraudulent intentions,
which no longer lasted, after the task.

I do not wish to live, by these pills.
And just an Identity of mine to seek.
I better be, The Departed. For now.
and arrive, later. Stronger than the weak.

Savla Viral L.


haritha said...

a nice poem wid stronger feelings involved...truth depicted...
well done
waitin for next post

Viral Savla said...

it was a Hbrid, did u realise....

it is inspired by both feelings and the Hollywood Flick...THE DEPARTED.