Friday, October 31, 2008



Marching to get there,
steps aren’t to be count.
Broke my pace and I halt
for there was a little mount.

An old tree, stood and waited,
to mend mislead minds like mine
“Climb onto me and have
a view, better and fine.”

“So go, conquer the hills
climb and get right at the tops.
look how far you have to go,
refuel your hopes.”

I needn’t fear the barriers,
realizing it after it had gone.
before the conquer, it was an Obstacle,
now it is another milestone.

There shouldn’t be failures
take it just as an Obstacle in your way,
get over it, and
you will for sure succeed someday.

Savla Viral L.


Shivam said...

really true man! but sometimes I should get out of that phase of pushing yourself all the time.... life has much more to it but a drivin man's eyes cant see them.!! so halt sometimes viral and see...see the world with a calm herat...u may just find an unseen passage... it happens.... thats the irony of hard work and constant effort! Think abt it...

Viral Savla said...

actually i do agree wid u and believe me shivam.

even dis poetry is bit old one, its not the fresh flow in which im rafting, ther r much other things bothering me, u can see it thru my other posts..

Shivam said...

hey tell me about it yaar...maybe i can help!

Viral Savla said...

thnx 4 ur dear regargds my frnd.

Pratz said...