Monday, October 6, 2008

My letter to YOU

My letter to you

Rather confused about it.
To call it ‘Truth’ or ‘Misery’.
The life of a poet.
Till when to be a mystery ?

Coloured glasses of desires and cravings
Which were vulnerable to be shattered.
I bleed it out of happiness.
They were all broken and scattered.

I shouldn’t had been addicted,
to dreaming under the day.
It ended up into silent voices,
which I always expected something to say.

I also tried to count agonies into ecstasies.
But couldn’t continue for long.
All the calculations had misfired.
The maths I practice was all wrong.

But now I feel a bit merrier.
As if returned to life from dead.
Because these words now belong nit just to me.
And I am thanking you; that they are at least read.

Savla Viral L.


Pratz said...

another poem I liked a lot......

haritha said...

hey a great poem....clearly written thoughts of a unrecognised poet..