Saturday, October 25, 2008



Walking alone by the way,
all in a bulk of crowd.
I shout with a squeak
to be heard aloud.

Then suddenly, I realize,
the time has not yet come.
When not in the crowd,
but, I would be amongst the some.

Far away, I can see a mountain of success
and the long rocky way to go.
Other side, an island of success,
and a mischievous sea to row.

I am not supposed to sit,
enjoy and just admire the view.
Instead, march forth, work hard,
strike glory and be amidst the successful few.
Savla Viral L.


haritha said...

passing those difficult ways is troublesome n sumtimes bit depressing once u pass those ways succesfully ur among the best few of the exceptional crowd..!!
ths true...

Pratz said...

another nice one.... :)