Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Other Side of It

The Other Side of it

At the arctics or at a desert,
As you would try value the sun.
You will definitely end up being wrong,
For adjudging it, the same one.

Won’t you love to take a dip in a stream,
So as to ignore the rising mercury.
Won’t you love to stay away from it,
From the flood’s fatal fury.

Friends, family love and life,
Is all fake and namesake.
But we all want to be a part of it,
So that less we give, more we take.

While being pictured,
you would prefer to ignore but don’t actually realize.
The frame will be hung on wall, someday,
To count your “beloved” demise.

The world is always ready to be,
the way it may never appear.
It might possibly generate a rainbow,
By passing light through a drop of tear.

The jigsaw of this,
that you just couldn’t complete.
Until your senses realize, that there exists,
The Other Side of it.

Savla Viral L.


Pratz said...

dude...u r one of the best poets i have known....complex philosophy simply expressed...luved it

Paula said...

Another brilliant reflection. You have a gift and thank you for visitng my site.I appreciate it.

Viral Savla said...

thnx frnds...for ur valuable comments.

haritha said...

nice n true poem