Saturday, October 18, 2008



I hope, I am not the wrong one,
because I doubt if I am correct.
I hope, I expect better,
because things aren’t as I would expect.

I hope, I am not drunk,
because I don’t sound Sober anymore.
I hope, I do possess some wealth,
because I just feel like a popper, at core.

I hope, I am blind,
did not wish to see this occur.
And now I hope, I am dumb,
so there’s nothing that I remember.

I hope, I am happier,
but my lips do not picture a smile.
I hope, I am not crying into tears,
I hope, I am not that fragile.

I hope, It is not one more time,
I hope I have not changed again.
I hope, I am not started again.
Because, I know I am hard to stop then.

These hopes are so beautiful, like glass artifact.
What if I crush them hard, intend to cheat.
I will probably break them, cruelly.
But then, I hope they don’t pierce, hurt my feet.

Savla Viral L.


haritha said...

nice poem..a simple still good one...
nice work

n always remember its hopes which make success becum seccess...

Pratz said...


Shivam said...

dude this 1s really nice...n i hope u stay happy forever

Viral Savla said...

thnx frnds..